Web Design with HTML & CSS for Beginners

Course Level: Beginner
Total Duration: 16 Hours, 4 Weeks
Certification: Certificate of Completion

Course Overview
The Web Design with HTML and CSS for Beginners course provides essential knowledge and skills for designing, publishing and maintaining websites for personal or professional use. No prior knowledge of web design, HTML or CSS is required for this course. Learn how to design page layout, building web page with HTML, styling pages with CSS, adding Google maps and YouTube videos. It also teaches about domain name registration, optimizing sites for search engines, publishing completed website to the hosting server, submitting sites to the search engines.

Skills Required
No previous experience of Web design, HTML, CSS is required. Prior to attending this web development training course, participants should be familiar with using personal computers with a mouse and keyboard and possess basic typing skills. You should be comfortable and have basic experience with the underlying operating system (Windows or Macintosh). Specifically, you should be able to launch and close programs; navigate to information stored on the computer; and manage files and folders. Familiarity with Internet Explorer and Firefox would be an advantage. A general understanding or interest on web development/design and internet subjects could enhance the participant’s experience.

Course Dates, Time & Fee
Dates: Sat 6 Feb 2016 / Sat 13 Feb 2016 / Sat 20 Feb 2016 / Sat 27 Feb 2016
Time: 11:00am – 3:00pm
Fee: N30, 000

Course Outline
1. Planning & Designing a Website
• Plan the Structure of a Website
• Domain Name Registration
• Designing Effective Web Layout and Navigation

2. HTML: The Language of the Web
• Introduction to HTML
• HTML Editors and Notepad++
• Structure of HTML Pages
• Adding and Formatting Text
• Creating Horizontal Line
• Commenting Your HTML Code
• HTML Headings
• Creating Tables

3. CSS: Styling web pages
• Introduction of CSS
• Adding CSS
• Changing Colours with CSS
• Working with Fonts
• Formatting Text
• Margins, Padding and Borders
• Adding Page Background Colour
• Adding page Background Image
• Adding and Floating Pictures
• Creating Ordered and Unordered Lists
• Formatting Lists
• Adding Links and Navigation
• Using and styling HTML div Tag

4. Developing Layout & Navigation
• Create and style a layout
• Format the body of the web page
• Centre your page
• Create a header
• Create and add a Logo
• Add a slogan
• Creating a navigation bar with lists
• Create main content area
• Create a footer

5. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
• Introduction of SEO
• Writing SEO-Friendly Text
• Adding SEO Info to Links and Images

6. Adding Features on your Website
• Embedding Google Map
• Embedding a YouTube Video
• Adding Facebook link
• Adding Twitter link
• Creating Web Form

7. Publishing & Promoting your website
• Finding the appropriate Hosting space
• Publishing Website Using FTP-Client
• Submitting Website to the Search Engines
• Creating a Sitemap
• Submitting Sitemap to the Search Engines
• Using Google Analytics

Course Delivery
This web development training course is delivered as a hands-on computer-based workshop and presentation. Students will have their own workstation loaded with the necessary software in which to practice the topics of the course.

Course Outcomes
Upon completion of this web development training course, participants should be able to:
• Understand the difference between HTML and CSS
• Create a basic web page/s.
• Insert content into the page and structure it.
• Apply styles to the page elements.
• Create, modify, and format content with CSS.
• Link web pages.
• Be ready to start a deeper exploration of HTML and CSS.

Course is Suitable for
This web development training course is suitable for those who wish to acquire web development knowledge as a first step into web development practices. This course is also suitable for individuals with a general web development interest.

This class is a hands-on coding course which uses basic code editors like Notepad or Notepad++.

Course Offers
• Repeat class at half price
• FREE USB Flash drive
• Expert Trainer
• Dedicated computer for every student
• Small class size (20 max)
• Course Manual – yours to keep for future reference
• Certificate of Completion
• Central Location

Study Path
After the Web Design with HTML and CSS course you may do the following courses to extend your Web Design knowledge:
1. JavaScript
2. Web Technologies in HTML5 (Intermediate)
3. PHP with MySQL for Beginners